What are Ship Date and Cancel Date for?

Ship Date and Cancel Date are optional and may not be relevant for your products or orders. 

In some industries, especially fashion, orders are collected in advance for a specific season's delivery. If your products are available and ready to sell, you won't need to use these values. 

Instead, if you wish to communicate turnaround time or the time it takes to ship your goods, we recommend putting that information elsewhere (e.g. Terms of Sale or as text in Presentation).

Ship Date

The Ship Date lets the Buyer know when the order is expected to ship to them. Usually, the Seller will set this date to let their Buyers know when they plan to deliver. In some cases, Sellers will allow the Buyers to specify this date so they can pick an appropriate time to receive stock.

Cancel Date

The Cancel Date (or "End Date") is not always used, but it allows the Seller and Buyer to agree on a deadline when outstanding orders will be canceled if not fulfilled or shipped.

Ship Window

The time between the Ship Date and the Cancel Date is considered the Ship Window and might be a range of weeks to months. This gives both parties a window of time in which the ordered products can be expected to ship.

How Ship Date affects Orders for Sellers

When writing an order on the Seller side, Ship Dates will automatically be ignored and all products will be combined on to a single Order Form.

At this time we do not have a way to automatically split products onto separate Order Forms for Sellers. You will need to manually create separate Orders for each Ship Date. 

If this is something you'd like to see in the future, please contact Support.

How Ship Date affects Orders for Buyers

Orders will always be split up into individual Order Forms with the appropriate Ship Date. For example, if your presentation contains 1 product with No Ship Date, 1 product with Ship Date in March, and 1 product with Ship Date in April, then 3 separate forms will be created when the buyer clicks Order on all 3 products.

Since the Order interface can only display 1 page at a time, the other orders will be accessible under the drop-down menu in the upper left corner.

At this time we do not have a way to combine multiple Ship Dates on a single form. Please contact Support if you have any further questions.


Seller sets Ship Dates on Products in Presentation

Buyer orders Products with different Ship Dates

Separate Orders created by Ship Date automatically for Buyer