What is a Showroom?

What is a Showroom?

A showroom is a space in Brandboom that contains its own:

  • Products
  • Presentations
  • Orders
  • Owner, Invited Users
  • Settings/Logos

When you first sign up on Brandboom as a new user, you are creating 2 things:

  1. User Login (with your email address)
  2. Showroom


You can create additional showrooms if you want multiple spaces to work in. We recommend creating one showroom for each brand you wish to represent if you want to keep information separate.

However, we recommend against creating new Showrooms to represent different seasons or collections. This will make it impossible to connect Product and Order data. Instead, we suggest that you:

  • build new Presentations to see specific groupings of Products
  • use Product and Order tags and filters to keep things compartmentalized

Master vs. Sub-Showroom

Master Showrooms are the default type of showroom when you create new showrooms. They are completely independent of each other.

Sub-showrooms exist mostly independently except that they offer you the ability to pass product and presentation information IN from a Master Showroom. That's it. Activity in a Sub-showroom is not necessarily visible to the Master Showroom and never visible to another Sub-showroom.