What is Slope Net 60? (For Sellers)

Slope Net 60 allows buyers to purchase goods and have up to 60 days to make payments. 

Slope Net 60 is a finance tool for buyers. It allows them to establish a credit line with 60-day payment terms. Sellers must be approved for Brandboom Payments, and buyers will be vetted by Brandboom and Slope.


Who is Slope?

Slope is Brandboom's financial partner providing loans to buyers. They will assist in vetting buyers and will take responsibility for payments, so sellers don't have to. 

Benefits for Sellers:

  • Guaranteed payment - You'll be paid regardless if the buyer pays their loan balance
  • Typically larger and more regular orders from Buyers as they have more cash flow
  • Brandboom and Slope will collect the payment from the buyer. 
  • Low commission rate per order
  • Security -  Buyers are already vetted by Brandboom and Slope
  • No need to spend hours, days, and resources chasing accounts.