What is Slope Net 60? (for Buyers)

Slope Net 60 allows buyers to purchase goods and have up to 60 days to make payment.

Slope Net 60 is a finance tool for buyers/retailers. It allows them to establish a credit line with Brandboom and our partner, Slope and is a great way to increase cash flow and sales.


Who is Slope?

Slope is Brandboom's financial partner providing loans to buyers. They will assist in vetting buyers and will be collecting payments for loans.


Benefits for Buyers:

  • Pay invoices after 60 days
  • Use credit card to pay your loan balance
  • Frees up cash flow and resources
  • Work with verified sellers/brands
  • Loans for orders are held in escrow, and the 60-day clock only begins when orders are delivered.

For user who have signed up for Slope, or would like to continue their application, please visit https://pay.slope.so/