What is the Boom SHIP Program?

Get your subscription for free with Brandboom and Flowfy.

Please Note: flowSHIP will be closing the service on Friday, July 8, 2022. Service for active shipments will not be affected however new shipments will be unable to be created as of this date.  Please contact your Account Manager or Support if you have further questions or require assistance.


Brandboom is offering customers the opportunity to get their Startup or Business subscriptions for free*.  By shipping your parcels with flowSHIP, you could be eligible to earn Boom Credits to apply towards your subscription.

How do I get my subscription for free?

You need to opt-in to the Boom Ship Program via the various banners at the top your account pages or with an Account Manager.  After that, you just need to ship parcels using flowSHIP on your orders.  Shipping parcels will provide you with Boom Credits, which will then be applied towards subscriptions on your bill.

So, this is actually free?  As in, FREE, free?  How?

Sure is.  Brandboom and our partner Flowfy are so excited to bring you heavily discounted shipping (up to 30-40% via UPS), conveniently within Brandboom, that we want to reward you for using the service.  You're already shipping parcels, so why not do it within your current Brandboom workflow?  Add the shipment as you're processing your customer's order in the platform, and voila, earn credits to get FREE Brandboom.

Ok, I've opted-in, how do I ship using flowSHIP?

flowSHIP is a service provided by our partner, Flowfy.  Using flowSHIP is as easy as using the Shipping Rate Calculator and adding a shipment to any of your orders that have been set to 'Complete'.  Please refer to the following article to learn more about how to use flowSHIP. Every parcel you ship can now go towards earning Boom Credits.

How do I earn Boom Credits?

Boom Credits can be earned by shipping parcels in multiples of 50.  For example:

  • 50 parcels per calendar month will earn you 1 Boom Credit
  • 100 parcels per calendar month will earn you 2 Boom Credits
  • 150 parcels per calendar month will earn you 3 Boom Credits
  • And so forth...

How do I use my Boom Credits?

Boom Credits can be used on subscriptions (seats) only.  They cannot be used toward any other fees such as Integration add-ons, or Connect Fees.

  • 1 x Boom Credit is worth 1 x Startup user subscription
  • 2 x Boom Credits is worth 1 x Business user subscription

Example (1): If you earned 1 Boom Credit in January, you will have 1 x Startup subscription for free on your February bill.

Example (2): If you earned 4 Boom Credits in January, you could use that for 4 x Startup users OR 2 x Business users OR 2 x Startup (e.g. Outside Team members) and 1 x Business subscriptions for free on your February bill.

We ship many parcels and will earn a lot of Boom Credits.  What else can I do with them?

You could use Boom Credits in many different ways.  Take this opportunity to add more users from your internal teams, provide benefits to sales reps/outside team members, or upgrade your accounts (Startup to Business) to take advantage of more features.

Example (1): Your account with 2 x Startup users earned 4 x Boom Credits in January.  For February, you could have 2 x Startup users for free, and save 2 x Boom Credits for use on your March bill.

Example (2): Your account with 2 x Startup users earned 4 x Boom Credits in January.  For February, you could upgrade your account to 2 x Business users to take advantage of more features such as unlimited brands, or Product Video creation

Example (3): Your account with 2 x Startup users earned 4 x Boom Credits in January.  For February, you might want to add up to 2 additional Startup users to your account.  Perhaps your marketing or logistics teams could benefit from additional logins?

What if I have spare/banked Boom Credits?

If you ship a lot of parcels, you may have Boom Credits remaining after your bill has been "paid".    Any Boom Credits earned are good for up to 3 months before expiring.  The date cannot be extended.  If you earn new Boom Credits, those new credits will have 3 months before expiring.

Example: You have 1 x Startup user on your account and earned 6 x Boom Credits in January and nothing else in February or March.

  • 1 x Boom Credit will be deducted in February to pay for your Startup plan
  • 1 x Boom Credit will be deducted in March to pay for your Startup plan
  • 1 x Boom Credit will be deducted in April to pay for your Startup plan
  • At the end of April, there will be a balance of 3 x Boom Credits that will expire regardless of any additional Boom Credits earned.  Your May bill will be deducted from your credit card per RRP unless you earned additional Boom Credits in February, March, or April.

What happens to my remaining parcel credits shipped at the end of the month?

Any parcels that remain after Boom Credits have been assigned, will be carried over for 1 month only.  For example:

  • 70 parcels shipped in January
  • 1 x Boom Credit earned (50 parcels) - can be applied to the February bill
  • 20 remaining/unused parcel credits will be applied to February only

So your balance for February will start with 20 parcels automatically.  That means you only need to ship an additional 30 parcels in February to earn a Boom Credit.  Should you fail to reach that target, the 20 parcel credits will expire at the end of February, and not carry over till March.

How will my Boom Credits be allocated?  Can I save them for future months?

Boom Credits will automatically apply towards your next bill.  You cannot opt to pay for your next bill using your credit card and save your credits for a future invoice.  Brandboom will automatically apply Boom Credits to Business seats first, then Startup.

How do I check how many parcels I've shipped, and how many Boom Credits I have?

You can check your current status on your Account tab, as well as your Subscription page.

What happens if I don't ship enough parcels to earn Boom Credits?

We understand that there is seasonality in shipping, so hopefully, you bank enough credits during peak periods to help you with slower months.  If you don't have enough credits, that's ok!  You will just pay your Brandboom invoice like you normally do. 

What if I don't have enough Boom Credits to cover all of my users?

No worries!  Boom Credits will apply to eligible subscriptions on your account.  For example, if you have 3 x Boom Credits available, and 2 x Business plan users, we will apply 2 Boom Credits towards 1 of your Business plan users, and you will pay for the other user with your card on file.  The 1 remaining Boom Credit will be brought forward toward the next month as long as it hasn't met the 3-month expiry date.

Can I use Boom Credits towards a portion of my Business plan seat?

No.  In this example, if you have 1 x Business plan on your account, you may not pay for "half" of your bill, should you only have 1 Boom Credit available.

What if I add a new user mid-month, how many Boom Credits will that cost me?

Any users added, whether it be the start, middle, or end of the month of your billing cycle, will be charged the full Boom Credit rate as mentioned above.  So if you add a new Startup plan user on day 14 of your billing cycle, then it will cost 1 x Boom Credit.

Am I locked into flowSHIP if I opt-in?

Absolutely not.  We understand that each business runs differently, and you may need to use other shipping solutions depending on the requirement.  flowSHIP provides great rates and convenience within Brandboom, and we hope you enjoy taking advantage of that and shipping more so we can help you reduce your monthly costs!



* Participation in the Boom SHIP Program is subject to Brandboom's Terms of Service. It is currently available to Monthly plan subscribers only.