Feature Updates

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Our product and engineering teams have been very hard at work to bring you new features and updates. Take a look at what's new!

December 2023:

Generating Order Reports: It's now easier and more efficient to generate order reports. You can check the updated feature here

Brandboom Marketplace: Showcase your products to more people and let us handle the financial logistics via Stripe Express! Prepare yourself for an influx of orders! Check out this article on how to join the Marketplace.  

Stripe Express: Introducing our newest payment option. Sellers will have guaranteed payments, the ability to offer and accept Slope Net 60 and take credit card payments for non-marketplace orders. This provides a more secure selling experience on Brandboom! 


April 2023:

Canadian Tax Calculator: HST, GST, PST, OMG... the era of trying to work out Canadian tax rates is finally over. We've figured it out for you. Just turn on the 'Canada Taxes' option in your order settings and we'll automatically apply the buyer's province tax rate.

Instantly Split Color Ways: Importing products from Shopify? Our new Shopify Product Split option makes it easy for buyers to view all your color options in separate tiles, without clicking into the product. Plus, tiles are tied to the original product for easy inventory & order tracking.

Shopify Product Split can be instantly applied to products imported after March 2023 by toggling the switch in your presentation settings. To enable it on previously imported products, contact your account manager.

January 2023:

Manage Returns: Sellers can now create returns and approve/deny return requests that buyers submit. Returns can be edited and managed all within Brandboom.

Return Refunds & Credit Notes: Process returns via Stripe, manual refund methods, or by issuing a Credit Note. This gives buyers credit for future orders they place with you. Only a seller can apply an available Credit Note to an order.

Return Slips: Sellers can download packing slips for their buyers once the return is approved.

Learn more about returns & credit notes.


December 2022:

Import Multiple Shopify Size Fields: When importing products from Shopify, you can now select multiple fields as the “size” and import them into Brandboom.

Sync Shopify Payment Status: Shopify Inventory Sync now includes payment status sync! When a buyer pays a Brandboom invoice, the Shopify payment status automatically updates. To use this feature, you must export your wholesale prices to Shopify. Contact your account manager to turn on the price export feature.

Track Shopify Shipments: Clicking on your Shopify shipment link in Brandboom now takes you to Shopify’s tracking URL.

Track Order Changes: Order history now shows what changes have been made whenever products or SKUs are moved.


September 2022

Inbox Tab: Quickly access all of your conversations with buyers, including chat messages and presentation viewing history. When you open a conversation, you’ll also get their buyer information and their order history with your brand. Learn more.
Customer Sets: Sales reps can now easily switch between their own customer set and the owner’s customer set when searching for or creating new customers. Showroom owners can still choose whether or not to give outside team members access to their list. Review the updated process here to associate an order with a customer.
Take Over Your Buyer's Open Order: To make placing orders easier, sellers can now take over a buyer's order. You can then make edits and place the order as usual.
Exporting Wholesale Prices to Shopify: With Shopify Inventory Sync, you can now export your wholesale order prices. This will be the default setting for new accounts. If you already have the integration and want to turn this on, please contact support. Learn more about exporting to Shopify.
Brands I Follow: Buyers can now follow brands to see their presentations in a new feed! Sellers can remove followers at any time.
Track Shipments: Input your tracking number on the order page to see the tracking history of your order.
Presentation History: Having presentation issues after saving? Contact our Support team to revert your presentation to the previously saved version.
Inactive SKUs on PDFs: Products marked as inactive/disabled will not appear in the PDF presentation.
As usual, you can always reach us at Support via the chat button when you log in, or you can reach out to your Account Manager.