Payments on Brandboom (Buyers)

For orders placed through a Marketplace on Brandboom, or paid with Slope Net 60.

When you purchase on one of our Brandboom Marketplaces or an order using your Slope Net 60 credit line, you will receive additional benefits and support.

Marketplaces on Brandboom

Brandboom hosts various marketplaces on the platform.  Each platform may have different rules, depending on multiple factors including terms set out by our marketplace partner, or types of products being sold.  The following is the current list of Marketplaces on Brandboom:

  • Brandboom Marketplace
  • Caravana Americana Marketplace (coming soon)

Generally speaking, our marketplaces will allow you to pay with a credit card or using your Slope Net 60 credit line.  Your preferred payment method will be debited once you place your order and Brandboom will hold the funds until your order is delivered.  

Slope Net 60

Brandboom offers net 60 terms with no fees to eligible buyers through our partner, Slope.  To qualify, you will need to perform a financial check with Slope that will ask some basic questions to determine eligibility.  Some example questions include:

  • Annual revenue from your store(s)
  • Personal details such as addresses and identification information
  • Linking your bank account(s) via Plaid to determine financial legitimacy

Whilst most decisions can be made in under a minute, you may need to submit further information for verification such as bank statements or other records.  Once you are approved, you will receive a credit line that is available to use for orders placed on Marketplaces on Brandboom, or on regular orders with brands you work with as long as they accept Slope Net 60 as a method of payment.  You will then have 60 days to pay the balance.


Why has a hold been placed on my credit card/Slope balance for more than the order amount?

We have built in a small threshold on orders to allow brands to add additional charges without having to ask for reauthorization from you, the buyer.  This is typically meant for charges such as shipping, or adjustments to orders such as quantity changes you might have requested.  If you have any issues with your final invoiced amount, please contact buyers [at] immediately so that we can investigate.


I placed an order on a Marketplace or using Slope Net 60 and the seller declined my order.  What happens now?

Per Brandboom's terms of service, sellers are under no obligation to accept your order.  Whilst each case is different (they might be having stock or production issues), we highly recommend you use the chat button to discuss any order issues with the seller.  Rest assured, any canceled orders will result in any holds being lifted on your credit card/Slope credit line as soon as possible.  If you have any issues regarding holds or canceled orders, please contact buyers [at] immediately so that we can investigate.